Why have a digital marketing agency in Haiti?

Many people ask us that question and go as far as telling us that not expanding our service offerings is not a smart move.

To these people we say that we chose to focus on digital and digital only so as to allow the Haitian market to improve its presence online.

In Haiti, we tend to create a web presence with little to no planning when in reality a company’s marketing strategy should guide all its communication or promotional efforts, both online and offline. Simply put, your brand and product cannot be showcased online if they are not in line with your overall brand strategy.

It is thus important to devote time to digital strategies that meet the needs of the local market, your brand’s target and of the chosen online platforms. Only then will you be able to maximize your online presence and boost your brand visibility.

Our focus on online advertising, social media and content marketing allows us to offer you targeted and personalized services that you may not always find at big agencies that offer a wider range of advertising services.

We take the time to understand your product and your audience’s needs to put together a digital strategy that enhances your presence online while still staying in line with your overall advertising strategy.

We deploy customized tactics to help you communicate better with your online audience whether it includes those living in Haiti or a more widespread audience.

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