Introducing our Instagram #ideacasserole

Thousands of ideas run through our minds daily. Some we use right away, others we don’t. We realized our clients and audience know nothing about this message, artwork or content creation process.

That is one of the main reasons why we decided it was about time we shared our creative explorations with the world and created our #ideacasserole for Instagram specifically.

You must be wondering why we picked a casserole. Truth be told, our founder is obsessed with cooking, she even has her own foodblog, Tchakayiti that you should absolutely read. She is convinced that her brain works the same way; her brain is a casserole where creativity, taste, colors and copy simmer together.

Now were we to launch a communication campaign our answer would probably have been worded differently. We would probably elaborate on this thought and tell you that:

A casserole is used to mix spices, taste, aromas in order to create a delightful dish. That’s the same principle we adopt at i7. Ideas taken from here and there lead to the creation of messages that meet our clients’ approval and to which you are exposed daily. Yes, we are referring to the messages that earn us and the brands we work for double clicks or likes on social media.

When we came up with this #ideacasserole concept, we quickly realized that Instagram was the best social platform to use for that purpose. Where else could we mix in doodles, scribbles, random but not so random thoughts, crazy ideas into a delightful dish? No where else, at least not continuously. We thus invite you to follow us and exchange ideas with us on Instagram.

C’mon, it’s easy. All you have to do is pull out your phone, open Instagram, click on that little search icon, look for @i7lab and select #follow. See you there 😉

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