Our services.

Our services are crafted to help you develop the strongest digital presence for your brand. From content creation to actually launching your company or product on the web through a website, blog or simply social media, we handle your online strategy in its entirety.

[service icon=”fa fa-rocket” title=”digital strategies”]Each platform requires a different strategy. i7 puts together effective online strategies that are not only reflective of your overall brand strategy but that are also adapted to each web platforms.[/service]

[service icon=”fa fa-book” title=”digital content”] With social media, content is key. Well-crafted posts and relevant content are the secret to a well-executed strategy. i7 reviews your content and makes sure it adapts to the selected platforms.[/service]

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Social Media is an integral part of our every day life. Your customers are constantly connected. i7 helps you open the lines of communications with them through the platforms they use the most.


[service icon=”fa fa-desktop” title=”web development”]A website should both enhance your online visibility and your brand image. i7 helps you launch a website that is user-friendly and meets your audience’s ever-changing needs and expectations.[/service]

[service icon=”fa fa-globe” title=”search engine optimization”]Your online visibility is linked to search engines. i7 identifies your target’s keyword search habits and optimizes your online content to increase your searchability. [/service]

[service icon=”fa fa-envelope” title=”emailing”] Well-targeted and well-crafted emails are the key to successful email marketing. i7 works with you to develop an email marketing strategy that is relevant and speaks to your audience.[/service]